Day Is Done…

That’s right, another week has already passed by here at Camp Daggett. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end out week. Campers had a blast Thursday night with Mario Party, and our initiation ceremony and skits are always a blast. This weeks theme for our skits was “How your cabin got it’s name.” Campers had a blast showing the whole camp how they think the cabins got named how they did, from a CROW dropping a house on an evil witch, dinosaurs, Mohawks and everything in between. Afterwords, our ceremony was a wonderful way to induct new campers into the spirit of Daggett. Hopefully, your campers have come home with lots of memories, stories, and new friends, and will carry those things with them as they travel the road to happy living.

Today is an off day for the staff, with lots of R and R as they gear up for our third week of campers. Next week will see plenty of fun activities including, a 4th of July extravaganza! As always, it is not the activities we do that makes camp so special, it is the people of camp who make Daggett such a special place. We encourage that even though your camper’s session may be over, continue to check this blog to stay connected with all the fun things going on here, as well as share in some memories from the week. Feel free to comment on any posts you wish, but remember, campers should ask a parent before doing so.

In the Spirit of Daggett

Thank You


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