A Great Start to Week 2

Our second session of the summer is off to a great start! After an amazing group of campers arrived, we had a blast with out “Counselor Hunt,” where campers got to learn a bit about our staff, as well as about some of the areas around camp. Yesterday was another great Monday, where campers got their first taste of just some of the many exciting daily activities we have here. While it has been a little chilly overnight, both yesterday and today have seen gorgeous days, with temperatures in the mid-70s and of course plenty of sunshine. This is especially important during our “Free Water” time, when all campers can choose to go to any area in the waterfront that they wish- swimming, sailing, or canoeing. The oldest cabins, Crow and Ojibwe, experienced some team building activities while doing adventure, something that the Chippewa and Potawatomi cabins will be doing this evening.

As always, there are some awesome night activities planned. Last night saw campers participating in “TV Game Show Night,” where campers played Wheel of Fortune, Are You Smarter Than A Camp Counselor, Minute to Win It, and several other classic games. The night wrapped up with our staff showing off some of their improvisation skills during “Whose Line is it anyway?” Tonight, our canoeing director Alex is trying out a brand new night called “Daggett Games” modeled after “The Hunger Games.” Campers will be doing many activities like fire building and memory matching to earn points for their cabin for a snack auction that will be held at the end. Wednesday will bring a classic camp themed Fairy hunt, where cabins will work together to find staff members dressed up as camp super heroes in the woods. Thursday will be out version of Mario Party, and Friday will be out initiation, where campers will enjoy our ceremony after doing some skits about how their cabins got their names.

Along with all of these fun and exciting nights, the days are equally as busy. Trips to the frog pond, soccer, and swimming out to the raft are still some of the most popular things to do at camp. Additionally, this week will also see our first Lake Swim of the summer. Strong enough swimmers will get a chance to be boated across the lake, and then swim back early in the morning. Afterwords, they will get a special treat at breakfast.


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