Campers are Here!

After much anticipation, campers have finally arrived at Camp Daggett! Camp is such a different place when campers are here; they add something special and magical to this wonderful place. As we begin our first of 8 different groups of campers, we can’t help but to notice how excited every camper is to be at camp. This also holds true for the staff who have spent so much time preparing for a great summer. Below, you will see what night activities our Area Directors have planned for campers this week. Also, each cabin will go on a campout once a week, where they will enjoy meals over the fire, sleeping in tents, S’mores, and many other fun activities. But of course, camp would be camp without our stellar slate of activities throughout the day. Of course, more information about this can be found in the About Camp page of this blog.

Monday- Wild People Night

Tuesday- Grease Night

Wednesday- Dance Party

Thursday- Capture the Flag!

Friday- Initiation


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