Staff Week is Underway!

It is hard to believe that it is only just the beginning of the third day of our week long staff training week, because it seems that we have so much done! Since arriving on Sunday  morning, our entire staff has been hard at work preparing for a fun filled summer. After some introductions, everyone participated in some excellent team building events and adventure activities with our amazing adventure staff. Our counselors, both old and new, have learned some amazing things that they will almost certainly be sharing with campers of all ages when they get here.

After counselors found out what areas they would be working in, everyone got some time to start getting their areas ready for camp. Thanks to some hard work by lots of people, camp is looking better than ever, and families and campers will see many new things around camp that will make camp safer, better, and most importantly more fun that ever! New landscaping and a new sailing dock are just some of the many improvements that have been made at camp. But don’t let the new stuff fool you, all of our long cherished traditions and activities are still alive and well.

In addition to getting camp physically ready, we have also been hard at work training our staff in many ways that will benefit campers. In addition to getting first aid and CPR certified, our staff will be hard at work all week learning the best ways to help campers have the best week possible while at Camp Daggett. As always, having our wonderful kitchen staff here has helped keep us full and happy, as they too hone their skills for the summer. Although lots has been done, there is always much more to do. So follow along for updates and news from the Shores of Walloon!


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